Interview fatigue! Yes, it is a real thing, those multiple repetitive questions and rounds that we need to go through again and again can be very exhausting. So how do you manage this in a way that you keep yourself and your interviewers energized throughout the process…

1. Engage like it’s the First time.
Although it might be the third or fourth round, remember that for the interviewer it is the first time they are meeting you. So, you need to truly engage as you did in your first round of questions. Share your experiences, demonstrate that you have the right skills for the job, describe your motivating factors and learn more about the job. Make sure you leave them feeling inspired by your high energy and wanting more.

2. Mind the Gaps.
Be consistent with your responses on your summary profile and do not change your storyline. Your interviewers will compare notes and if there are gaps or inaccuracies, this will impact your credibility.  Remember this is an opportunity to build relationships and practice your stakeholder management even before you get into your new organization.

3. Consider your audience.  
You will discover in the process that a number of the questions may be similar but the interviewers will be different. Take into account who your audience is and share examples that will be relevant for them to understand.
“For example, if the MD is interviewing you for a CFO role of a large fortune 500 company, the response to the question “tell me about a time you needed to influence a difficult stakeholder” would make more sense if the example was linked to dealing with an external investor /M & A group than dealing with an internal business colleague. If the Finance VP was to ask the same, consider providing both an internal and external example.“

4. Continuously improve. Post each session take time to reflect on the questions and your learnings. Ask yourself: Did I present my very best self? Was I clear? What could I have done better? Then put into practice your learnings for the next round. Every interview experience is a learning opportunity.

Hopefully these tips build your confidence and help guide you through your multiple rounds of interviews to keep you excited to the final offer. All the best!


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