When Social Media came into the picture of recruitment, we tended to believe that headhunting would become obsolete and direct hires would replace the search industry.  

So… Do you really need an agency?…. Well, it depends on what you need…

If NO … is it because

Your company and/or the job to fill is very attractive => What you need is filtering, and selecting the best candidate… But do you have a good selection process to choose the best candidates?

Solution = > INVEST on your selection processes and save on recruiters fees. 

You have large recruitment volumes to justify an in-house recruitment team => What you need are strong systems and processes to enable fast turnaround and strong capability in your inhouse team. 

Solution = > INVEST in your systems and upskilling your recruitment team and save on recruiters fees

You have no budget, you have no time to work on those recruitments, but the company must hire.

Solution = > EMPOWER the hiring managers to handle the recruitment process within their business unit. Help them to clarify their needs (JD, Salary, ideal profiles). Train them on how to use job-boards and social media platforms. INVEST a couple of hours on training them on interviewing skills.

If YES…is it because


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