1. First and Must Do: Test your Laptop!
If you are rusty with your video practice make sure you test all equipment and applications to be used at least 2 days before your Interview. First impressions are critical for success, 10 minutes of technical issues is typically unforgiveable.

2. Next: WIFI is King!
With continuous streaming taking place, it is imperative that your internet is stable and working. If it is not, don’t panic, check with the interviewer if you can revert to old school phone calls or reschedule your session.

3. If WIFI is King, Lighting is Queen!
Try and move from the shadows, your room needs to be well lit by sitting close to a window, using bright ceiling light or table lamp.

4. Laptop vs Smart phones
As much as possible, use your Laptop, not your phone for video interviews. Your Laptop allows you to stay focused and physically positioned in a comfortable stance.

5. Camera
Position your camera for direct eye contact and practice looking into it. Use big books or any way to raise your laptop.

6. Clothes
The photography experts advise us that you need to use single colours that contrast with your background. For example, if your backwall is white, wear blue or green.

7. Background Look and Feel
Minimize distractions but keep it professional. Avoid the funky virtual backgrounds and check that there is nothing that looks strange behind your head.

8. Background Noise & Clear Sound Shhhhh…
We all love our family and friends. However, remind your loved ones that this interview needs quiet and almost zero noise interruptions. In addition to a quiet background, remember your mouth moving but no sound means you are on mute or there could be another problem. So always test your headsets, earphones, noise cancellation at least 24 hours before your interview to give you time to fix the problem.

9. Prepare Cheat Sheet
The joy of a video conference is that you can have your quick reference “Cheat Sheet” close by on a post it or in your OneNote to just give you that extra confidence for some of those common questions.

10. Lastly Keep Focused
Distractions when on video are so easy with the keypad and screen in front of you making it so tempting to multitask. Do not succumb! Switch off all notifications and log out of your email. Keep your focus and eye contact throughout the session.

All the best!


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